wa|ter|y «WT uhr ee, WOT-», adjective.
1. of water; connected with water.
2. full of water; wet: »

watery soil.

3. a) indicating rain: »

a watery sky.

b) having much rain; rainy: »

a watery summer.

4. full of tears; tearful: »

watery eyes.

5. containing too much water: »

watery soup.

6. like water: »

a watery discharge.

7. Figurative. a) pale or thin in color: »

a watery blue.

b) weak; insipid; ineffectual; vapid: »

a watery but harmless story.

8. in or under water: »

A drowned person or a sunken ship goes to a watery grave.

wa´ter|i|ness, noun.

Useful english dictionary. 2012.

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